GloryBee Hires First Ever R&D Manager

GloryBee, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is investing in added technical services for clients by strengthening its Research and Development Department. The recent hire of its first-ever Research and Development Manager, Joe Minarsich, provides GloryBee with next-level innovation capabilities for real-world food application development as well as advanced technical abilities to offer commercial customers. 

“Food science unlocks possibilities,” said Alan Turanski, President and Beekeeper at GloryBee. “We work closely with a variety of our food and beverage clients on developing new products, refining recipes and resolving technical challenges that achieve their business goals. Having the insights and expertise of Joey on board, will elevate that expertise to a new level of service.”

Mr. Minarsich brings both the academic food science experience, as well as practical experience and passion for food through his ownership of restaurants and in food service. His work at Oregon Freeze Dry and Meduri Farms put into practice his expertise in product development and working closely with clients to develop and bring new products to market. Mr. Minarsich has also managed teams of development scientists and process engineers in his responsibilities managing R&D plant testing protocols for Oregon Freeze Dry and BioPharma.

“My interest in food and ingredients started when I was working in restaurants at a young age,” commented Minarsich. “I find it inspiring and challenging to work with a variety of ingredients to help customers achieve specific goals. I love solving problems, and my degree in food science, along with my culinary background, allows me to combine creativity with a technical perspective.”

“Clients don’t often understand the complexities and nuances of honey,” said Turanski. “At GloryBee, we are experts in honey, so we understand its benefits and how it can be leveraged for both sweetness and shelf sustainability or binding, but we also work with a number of different liquid sweeteners, oils and spices. Joey’s knowledge of ingredients combined with our in-house expertise with honey will undoubtedly further benefit our customers.” 

Mr. Minarsich will continue to build out GloryBee’s Research and Development Department to offer customers technical services including customized technical and application development, product concept and innovation, sensory analysis and implementation and regulatory compliance support. Mr. Minarsich received a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from New Mexico State.

GloryBee Hires VP of Supply Chain

GloryBee Natural Foods, a honey packer and natural ingredients supplier in the food and beverage business since 1975, is excited to announce that Ray Kernagis has started as its new Vice President of Supply Chain. Mr. Kernagis is a global supply chain operations executive with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of industries and comes most directly from Johnstone Supply where he served as VP of Operations.

“Ray is a solid leader and innovator,” said Alan Turanski, President and Beekeeper at GloryBee. “Having worked closely with Ray in the past, I’m so pleased to have him join the team at GloryBee to upscale our supply chain infrastructure and build out our logistics capabilities in order to improve our access and service to clients.”

GloryBee is investing in strengthening its supply chain throughout the United States and continues to broaden its import business sourcing from more than 30 countries worldwide. GloryBee is also expanding efforts domestically and building important relationships with beekeepers and growing distribution facilities in key regional strongholds.

“GloryBee has always impressed me as a company with a conscience,” said Kernagis. “I’m excited to be working with Alan and the broader team to really embrace continued growth for GloryBee across the nation and beyond. We’re investing heavily in innovative logistics, while also maintaining the highest standards of excellence for customer service.”

Mr. Kernagis is responsible for all aspects of the GloryBee Supply Chain from raw material through delivery to the end customers; he will also be responsible for managing and sourcing all forward logistics including company-owned or third-party logistics (3PL) operations.

Mr. Kernagis holds a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Mr. Kernagis has built start-up branches and established warehouse and delivery strategies, developed strategic plans to increase customer profitability, supported organizational acquisitions of international businesses, and developed strategic supply chain operations for facilities, systems installation, and automations in shipping. 

6 Festive Christmas Cookie Ideas for Your Bakery

Customers look forward to the themed goods they can buy during the holiday season as they get in the festive mood. Christmas is the time of giving, and there are plenty of ways to share the holiday spirit with your customers. If you are looking for some ideas, these are six festive Christmas cookie ideas for your bakery that your customers will love.

Wrapped Presents

There’s always one thing that children look forward to around Christmas time: the presents they’re eagerly awaiting. Reminding them of their reward for being good all year is a perfect option for adding fun to your baked goods case. A couple of early presents never hurt anyone, and these cookie designs fit perfectly with this season’s theme.

Santa Clause

No one has as much authority over Christmas as jolly old Saint Nick himself. This north pole local is an icon who continues to excite people for the holidays. If you want to capture those nostalgic feelings in your food, Santa Clause is a surefire way to accomplish that. Adding some honey for the sweet spirit of Christmas is sure to give your clients a welcome surprise as they dig into a Santa-shaped cookie.


Where would Santa be without his little helpers? Elves have been a part of the Christmas legend for years. You don’t have to stick to their traditional green garbs, either. Use these cookie designs to show off your decorating skills and explore fun attire for your elf arrangement.

Christmas Trees

Rock around the Christmas tree with some cookies that resemble the popular home centerpiece for this time of year. Christmas trees are great little reminders of the fun traditions families participate in each year. A cookie platter forest will look wonderful in your display and in the homes of your customers. 

Candy Canes

These sweet and delicious candies have a special place in people’s hearts. You can also explore festive flavors in these cookies by mixing in peppermint extract or peppermint pieces to make a unique flavor. Mint chocolate cookies are also a great option that will delight customers. The colors and shape of these treats are a hallmark of this holiday and are as easy to love as they are to eat!


Everyone notices a lovely ornament on the tree, and the shape of these decor items lends itself to cookies. There are several different kinds of classic ornaments to choose from, but these cookies allow for nearly limitless creativity, so feel free to explore fun flavors and designs!

These six festive Christmas cookie ideas for your bakery are certainly worth considering this season. As you prepare for the holiday rush, it’s a good idea to stock up on some flour, eggs, and other necessary ingredients. Picking up wholesale honey will ensure you have enough to add sweetness to every bite. The best part of creating various kinds of cookies will be seeing people’s faces as they pick out their favorites from your case.

3 Simple & Effective Rules for Storing Dried Goods

Whether for your home or business, proper dried goods storage can keep your ingredients fresh for much longer. Keeping dried ingredients and foods in proper condition can subside your worries about them going bad. If you’re looking for some tips to achieve longer-lasting foods, these are three simple and effective rules for storing dried goods.

Airtight Seals

Air naturally has moisture that tends to bind certain molecules in your foods. Depending on the food, dried goods exposed to air often soften up and are prone to other changes. Some foods go bad, while others go through color and textural transformations. Keeping your ingredients in airtight containers removes most of the air they come into contact with, leaving them fresh for longer.

Transfer Containers

Some foods come in resealable bags to help mitigate the spoiling process. However, these bags are usually substandard for keeping your dried goods as fresh as possible. While airtight seals are nice, using a container, such as a mason jar or plastic tubberware, can greatly increase your food’s longevity. Changing the original packaging of your dried goods is highly recommended, whether you want an airtight plastic or glass container.

Use Oxygen Absorbers

While containers built to keep your food fresh rely on their ability to remove oxygen, it’s hard to get all of it out. Placing oxygen absorber packs inside the container to prevent moisture build-up is the best option for those who expect to keep their food stored for extended periods. 

No one wants their dry food to show signs of rot in a short span of time. By taking extra measures to ensure your food stays fresh, you produce less waste and save time and money. The next time you shop for some wholesale food ingredients, consider these three simple and effective rules for storing dried goods.

5 Uses for Large Flake Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast has been a long-time favorite ingredient for vegans who appreciate its nutty and almost cheesy flavor. However, while the flavor profile of nutritional yeast is good to know, not everyone knows how to use it. These five uses for large flake nutritional yeast are worth considering for your next meal.

Vegan Nachos

One of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure foods does not have to be lost for those on a vegan diet. By blending some cashews, nutritional yeast, and your favorite spices into a powder and mixing it with water and lemon juice, you’ll have a wonderfully delicious nacho cheese alternative. However, you do not have to feel guilty while enjoying this snack.

Cheese-Less Caprese Salad

Creating a vegan mozzarella with almond and tapioca flour and some coconut oil is great for those who want the creaminess of mozzarella without dairy. Adding a few tomatoes and balsamic vinegar completes this tasty and healthy salad. This “mozzarella” is also great for cheese-free pizza for lactose intolerant people.

Cream Alternative

Nutritional yeast has a wonderful affinity for making things like soup creamier and tastier. If you want to add a light touch of cheesiness to your soup, mixing it directly with your boiling mix helps it combine quickly. From a traditional brothy soup to something like broccoli and cheese soup, there is little not to like about it.

Popcorn Powder

If you feel your standard buttered popcorn has been getting a bit bland in terms of flavor, you’re in luck. Adding some nutritional yeast does a lot for its flavor. The next time you have a movie night and want to change things up, consider adding some to your bag of popcorn.

Parmesan Replacement

Nutritional yeast is great as a tableside parmesan replacement. Just mix nutritional yeast with salt and garlic powder. It gets hard to stop putting it on everything. Whether you use it as a pasta topper or an ingredient in a dish, it is surprising how good this parmesan replacement is without any dairy.

The next time you need some more nutritional yeast, it’s best to look at your favorite wholesale food suppliers for their latest inventory. Whether you are looking for healthier food alternatives or are transitioning to a more vegan-friendly diet, this ingredient does not disappoint. These five uses for large flake nutritional yeast are a great start for those looking to create some dairy-free dishes at home.

8 Unbelievable Baking Hacks for Every Kitchen

Cooking is as challenging as enjoyable, but every avid chef of any skill level is bound to have some tricks up their sleeves. There are several ways to increase the efficiency of your baking processes, but not everyone is keen to share their secrets. To prepare you for your next culinary masterpiece, these are eight unbelievable baking hacks for every kitchen that immediately make your life easier. 

Soften Butter Quickly

Butter is undeniably delicious, but waiting for it to warm is a hassle. Cutting it into smaller chunks helps decrease the wait time on them. By reducing their size, more of the surface transfers heat away from the butter to soften it.

Serve Even Batter

While homemade muffins are sweet treats to enjoy, they aren’t always portioned evenly. Using a cookie scooper for batter keeps portions even. This is a great way to create a uniform look once they finish baking.

Scoop Eggshells

The last thing you want when you get eggshells in your egg is to fish it out by hand. The shell is perfectly equipped to do the job for you. Using the leftover shell like a tiny cup to capture shell fragments saves time.

Ziplock Piping 

A ziplock plastic bag is an answer for those who don’t want to buy a new piping tool for their icing. By cutting an x shape with scissors in the corner of the bag, you are ready to fill and use. This is great in emergencies when you don’t have a clean piping bag on hand.

Get Fluffier Pancakes

Leaving your pancake batter on the lumpier side allows them to grow more when they bake. Adding a pinch of baking soda to the mix is another good solution for those obsessed with extra fluff. Fluffier pancakes are always more fun to enjoy this way.

Easy Cookie Cuts

Using tools to cut your cookies into shapes usually gets sticky and messy. A great way to avoid this is to coat the cutter lightly with flour. This allows the cutter to hold on to less of the batter upon each use.

Mixer Blocker

Using a mixer often gets messy and a little splatter on the counter. Cutting two holes in a paper plate where your mixer connects to the handle is a great way to avoid the mess. Placing the plate above the mixing bowl helps reduce the mess in the end.

Avoid Pockets in Cake

An air pocket in your cake reduces its stability and makes it less enjoyable. Before placing it in the oven, drop the baking pan a few times. This eliminates any bubble that potentially causes this issue afterward.

Baking is a fun home activity sure to spark creativity in you. The next time you’re on the hunt for some wholesale baking ingredients, you’re sure to complete your dish at a record pace. Considering these eight unbelievable baking hacks for every kitchen, you are likely to find some new favorites to use.

3 Delicious Recipes Anyone Can Make With Honey

The best thing to complement the summer weather is a sweet treat to enjoy it with. Honey is a great addition to anyone’s day, making certain drinks and snacks much more enjoyable. However, not everyone has a wellspring of recipes prepared for such occasions. To help you create some sweet treats, these are three delicious recipes anyone can make with honey.

Peanut Butter Honey Balls

If you are looking for a relatively healthy treat that is able to be eaten in one bite, consider trying your hand at making some peanut butter honey balls. Mixing together some honey, peanut butter, and powdered sugar gives you all you need for this delicious snack. Depending on the amounts of each ingredient you put in, more powdered sugar can dry it out. After refrigerating the mixture, rolling them into balls finishes the preparation before enjoying them.

Honey Lavender Latte with Vanilla

One of the best ways to start your day is with the flavors you love most in your first cup of coffee. After brewing a few shots of espresso, mix in as much honey and lavender syrup as you desire before adding the steamed milk. It is important to note that lavender syrup is fairly potent and should be added in small increments to avoid overwhelming the palate. Once you know how much you prefer it, making it in the future becomes a breeze. 

Honey Maple Sweet Potatoes With Apples

For those looking to add a sweet side dish to their dinners, consider combining the buttery flavor of sweet potatoes with the crispness of apples. After boiling the sweet potatoes till they’re slightly soft, cut them into thin slices and layer them with apple slices before glazing everything with a maple honey mix. Then, bake the mixture for ten minutes in the oven at 375 degrees. The result is an enjoyable dish of sweetened fruits that go well with several white meat dinners. 

The best way to get the most out of your culinary experience is to make foods you enjoy. By getting your honey from your favorite bulk honey suppliers, you are sure to have enough on hand for each of your new recipes to try out. Hopefully, by trying out these three delicious recipes that anyone can make with honey, you’ll find a new favorite in your home to enjoy in the future.

5 Tips for Baking with Honey Instead of Sugar

Cafés, restaurants, and other food establishments often use honey as an alternative sweetener in their recipes. Since honey is a naturally and delectably sweet syrup, it’s the perfect ingredient for food and beverage businesses to utilize. In this blog, we’ll share five tips for baking with honey instead of sugar to help your business make the most out of this mouthwateringly sweet syrup. Review our tips to create the ultimate menu for your business and to bake the most delectable dishes. 

Tip #1: Use Less Honey

When creating delicious pastries and sweets for a bakery, restaurant, or café, many bakers use too much honey in their recipes. It’s important to note that honey is naturally sweeter and more concentrated than table sugar. This means you need less honey to recreate the sweetness of sugar in a recipe. So before you begin adding this syrup to your recipes, remember to monitor the sweetness of your dish.

Tip #2: Consider Acidity

Unlike conventional sugar, honey contains an acidity that could affect your recipe. Luckily, balancing the acidity of honey is easy: simply add half a teaspoon of baking soda for every cup of honey you use in a recipe. This will neutralize the acid so that the food rises naturally and bakes completely.

Tip #3: Use the Right Honey Variety

Not all honey tastes the same, which is why it’s important to note the variety of honey you’ll use in your recipe. Depending on where your honey was collected and the type of pollen the hive collected, your honey variety could emit a distinctly different or unique taste. For example, some honey varieties—such as clover honey—are sweeter, while others are much more bitter. Ensure that when you purchase your wholesale baking ingredients, you find the right type of honey for your recipe.

Tip #4: Balance Moisture

Since honey is a syrup, baking with it means balancing the overall moisture of your recipe. Bakers who bake with honey commonly decrease the measurements of other liquid ingredients, such as milk and water, to offset the moisturization of their cakes, cookies, and brownies. Without these considerations, the texture and moisture of your baked goods are likely to be sloppy, watery, and inedible.

Tip #5: Decrease the Baking Time

Our number one tip for baking with honey instead of sugar is to decrease the baking time for your recipes. Since honey cooks considerably more quickly than sugar, overcooking it could cause it to burn and create a hard, crunchy texture.

Need a wholesale honey distributor for your business? Learn about our high-quality honey and wholesale ingredients collections by browsing the Glorybee website.