GloryBee Grows Board of Directors and Includes Non-Family Members

GloryBee, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is pleased to announce the additions of Arnold Coombs and John D. Iglesias to its Board of Directors. As the company continues to grow and expand its reach nationwide, it is intent on diversifying its board to include expertise beyond the family. GloryBee’s most recent board appointments represent an effort to build on strengths within the ingredients industry as well as adding a formalized degree of Board Governance and protocol that will continue to position the company as it grows.

“It’s a significant change when a family-owned business recognizes the advantage of heralding input and resources that go beyond the family’s inherent expertise,” said Alan Turanski, President and 2nd Generation BeeKeeper at GloryBee. “We’ve been in the honey and natural ingredients space for nearly 50 years, but that doesn’t mean we know everything about strategic expansion, portfolio expansion, and tax law. That’s where a skillset among the Board of Directors can have great value.”

Arnold Coombs is a seventh-generation maple syrup producer who brings specific knowledge and experience in maple production, retail, and bulk handling. He is a Director of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, past Chairman of the Vermont Maple Industry Council, and past member of the Vermont Maple Promotion Board. Coombs’ deep industry knowledge and national presence will provide a broadened perspective.

“Arnold’s significant experience in the production of a premium sweetener, as well as inner workings of industry groups and trends is a great asset to GloryBee,” continued Turanski. “Arnold’s deep knowledge of the national food and beverage market and ability to build strong relationships and a brand will help drive our expansion efforts.”

John Iglesias is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU). Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, NWCU operates 15 branches throughout Oregon, serving approximately 110,000 members with an asset size of almost $2.0 billion.  John has extensive experience in leadership roles for financial institutions and credit unions for more than 30 years. Iglesias, who has held several positions in the banking industry, brings significant governance and formality expertise to the board. 

“I’m really excited to join the GloryBee board,” said Iglesias. “I’ve been watching and admiring GloryBee’s growth and innovation for many years and I have a lot of ideas about where they can have some great impact.”

GloryBee President Named a Finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Mountain West Award

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) recently announced that GloryBee President and 2nd Generation Beekeeper, Alan Turanski, was named an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Mountain West Award finalist. Now in its 37th year, Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the preeminent competitive business awards for transformative entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies who are building a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world for all.

Turanski was selected by an independent panel of judges. Entrepreneurs were evaluated based on their demonstration of building long-term value through entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth, and impact, among other core contributions and attributes.

“I’m honored to be among such an impressive group of business leaders, disruptors, innovators, and game-changers,” said Turanski. “Businesses have weathered some tremendous challenges in the last few years, and we can all relate to the pressures of survival. I’m thrilled that GloryBee is leading the way for honey and natural food ingredients continuing to innovate, grow, and fuel consumers’ love for good food.”

Regional award winners will be announced on June 17, during a special celebration. The winners will then be considered by the National judges for the Entrepreneur Of The Year National Awards, which will be presented in November at the annual Strategic Growth Forum®, one of the nation’s most prestigious gatherings of high-growth, market-leading companies. The Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner will then move on to compete for the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award in June 2024.  

The Entrepreneur Of The Year program has recognized more than 11,000 entrepreneurs throughout the US since its inception in 1986, and it has grown to recognize business leaders across 145 cities in over 60 countries around the world. 

3 Tips for Cooking & Frying With Avocado Oil

You have likely noticed that your friends and family have started utilizing different types of oils for health reasons lately. There is a huge variety of oils on the market to use in cooking. What you might not know is that each oil has different benefits and smoke points. That's why avocado oil is so popular, as it's quite healthy and has one of the highest smoking points, which helps reduce health risks. As such, you'll want to know about these useful tips and tricks for cooking and frying with avocado oil

Making a Dressing 

Avocado oil has a very subtle taste with a rich buttery quality to it. That's why it's so great to use in salad dressings, as it adds a complex flavor profile that enhances your meal. Fresh avocado is already quite good in a salad, so it makes sense that a salad dressing with avocado oil will make the dish even better. Moreover, avocado oil is high in oleic acid and vitamin E, which helps reduce LDL cholesterol and promotes heart health.

Frying With Avocado Oil

Of course, we also want to enjoy some fried foods every now and then. However, it's important that you use a high-quality oil that has a high smoke point if you're going to fry food. This is necessary because a low smoke point can release harmful free radicals into the air and destroys the beneficial nutrients in your food. Avocado has one of the highest smoke points at 520 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why it's so great to fry with. 

Searing Fish and Meat

Another tip for cooking and frying with avocado oil is that it's great for searing fish and meat. If you love having crispy skin on your fish or meat, it's best to use avocado oil. To achieve this, you'll want to heat a small amount of avocado oil in a pan. Then, place your meat or fish skin down onto the pan, which will create a delicious and crispy meal you'll love. 

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Spelt Flour vs. White Flour: What’s the Difference?

When you are in the business of obtaining large quantities of ingredients for your bakery or grocery store, it makes sense you want to order to correct supplies. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your customers are complaining about the flavor, texture, or chemistry of your ingredients. That situation can arise if you choose the incorrect type of ingredient, like flour, as there is a wide variety of flours that can change the taste and texture of a product. As such, you’ll likely want to know the difference between spelt and white flour.

Why It Matters

You have likely had a recipe that called for a specific type of flour you might have never heard of before. It’s normal to wonder why there are different types of flours, and why that matters when cooking or baking something. However, each type of flour can vary considerably when it comes to flavor, texture, and the way it develops and reacts. If you don’t have the correct type of flour, your baked good or food product could come out differently than it usually does. 

Spelt Flour

It normal to wonder what the difference is between spelt and white flour. In terms of taste, spelt flour has much more of a nuttier, tangy flavor due to it being a species of wheat. The wheat also contributes to its texture, making it coarser and denser than many of us are familiar with in white flour. Moreover, spelt flour is quite high in gluten and protein. That’s why spelt flour is great for making thick and hearty breads as the gluten and protein content helps keep its volume and structure. 

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White Flour

You are probably rather accustomed to white flour. Many of us already have this type of flour in our pantry. The main way that white flour differs from spelt flour is in the gluten content. If you over-knead spelt flour, it will actually begin to break down due to the high gluten content, which gives baked goods a crumbly texture. On the contrary, you can knead white flour for quite a while, and it will actually strengthen and become more elastic.

What Foods Can You Make With a Lot of Honey?

If you’re reading this, you likely share our affinity for honey, and that makes sense because honey is like liquid gold. However, many people don’t seem to realize honey’s versatility. Its uses extend much further beyond a dollop in your morning tea. You might suspect this, so you’ll want to know the different foods you can make with a lot of honey.

Honey Butter

You might have enjoyed a warm bread roll smothered with honey for a delicious combination of salty and sweet. Did you know you can heighten the experience by infusing the butter with sweetness? 

You can make honey butter! This spread works phenomenally well on many types of bread and adds a complex sweetness many people like. Whip softened butter and honey for a delicious spread on toast, biscuits, or cornbread.

Honeycomb Candy

Honey is incredibly sweet, which makes it the perfect ingredient for candy if you ever want to try your hand at making it. You can sell this treat, and many people will enjoy it. 

Making honeycomb candy is quite simple. All you need is sugar, honey, and baking soda. Combine the sugar and honey in a saucepan over medium-high heat until the mixture darkens. Then, quickly remove the saucepan from the heat and add baking soda, whisking quickly. Carefully pour your mixture onto a baking sheet prepared with vegetable oil spray. You don’t need to touch the candy after pouring it onto the tray. Allow it to cool completely. Then, you can break it into bite-sized pieces with your hands. 

Honey Cake

You can make a lot of foods with honey,so it should come as no surprise that you can bake a honey cake. Honey cake is a traditional Jewish dessert that combines the sweetness of honey with orange zest and spices for a mouthwateringly good treat. The viscosity of the honey will give you a moist cake you can’t resist. 

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Why Restaurants Are Replacing Sugar With Honey

It seems like restaurants are constantly popping in and out of existence; when one leaves, another soon takes its place. It’s no secret that the restaurant business is cutthroat and remaining in business takes serious effort and maybe a bit of luck. That’s why many restaurants are beginning to evolve and change to attract new customers. That’s one of the many reasons why restaurants are replacing sugar with honey.

Tastes Better

You might find it surprising, but many people prefer the taste of honey to sugar. That might be due in part to the incredible variety that honey tends to come in. Its flavor can change due to several factors. For example, you might find that honey can have a different taste, even from the same hive, based entirely on the flower the bees used to find nectar. That results in floral, citrus, or even oaky notes, which can also change the color of the honey itself. 

Shelf Stable 

One of the main reasons restaurants are replacing sugar with honey is because it’s shelf stable. That means it can remain in your inventory for quite a while. In fact, honey can’t go bad when you store it properly. It might darken or crystallize, but it’s still safe for consumption. 

Therefore, you can purchase honey in bulk for your restaurant and never have to worry about throwing it out if it goes bad. Are you looking for wholesale food suppliers? At Glorybee, we have numerous varieties of honey and so many more products for your restaurant.  

Sweeter Than Sugar  

Yes, it’s true. Honey is actually sweeter than sugar, so you can use less of it and get more from it. In the short- and long run, you end up saving on additional restaurant costs when you use honey. However, if you’re making the total switch to honey from sugar, you must adjust your recipes to accommodate that extra sweetness. 

A Quick Guide to Buying Anything in Bulk

When it comes to ensuring your customers always get what they need, the last thing you want is to run out of stock too soon. A business must remain prepared for unexpected jumps in demand for certain items while being aware of factors that lead to those jumps. While buying a larger stock of items is a good idea, this is a quick guide to buying anything in bulk for some pointers.

Buy What You Need

You should have an idea of how many of an item will sell. At the same time, it is good to be prepared for any unexpected jumps. While selling out too quickly is a shame regarding profits, keeping those preparations within reason is important. The only thing worse than selling out too quickly is wasting money on an item never purchased.

Partner With a Distributor

Regarding business-to-business interactions, partnering with a distributor helps make things easier for your company in the future. As an affiliate of an official distributor, you can make deals once you’ve ordered a certain amount of items from them. You will still be able to make a profit off the items you buy and save some money due to your relationship with the distributor.

Focus on Long Expiration Dates

When buying in bulk, it’s a good idea to prioritize relatively non-perishable food items like grains or bulk honey. The biggest reason for this is that even when the supply exceeds the demand, these products can be stored for long periods. As a result, the potential loss of profit is mitigated due to their long shelf lives. Sometimes, allowing the price to depreciate as it draws nearer to the expiry date is another strategy to help back any potential losses.

Focusing on the stock that is available to sell is equally as important as ensuring you can sell it in a timely manner. While the job originally seems difficult to grasp based on customer behavior, it is something that will come naturally as you record your sales over time. Hopefully, by considering a few points from this quick guide to buying anything in bulk, your job is a little easier.

Why Hot Honey Drizzle Is Taking Over the World

You have likely seen hot honey drizzle making its rounds on your social media realm and at your favorite restaurants or shops. If you have never tried this quirky topping before, you might be hesitant toward spicy honey. However, countless people love hot honey, and its popularity only continues to grow. That's why you need to know why hot honey drizzle is taking over the world.

Delicious Spicy-Sweet Combo

You've heard of salty and sweet but probably haven't seen much in terms of spicy and sweet. If you are one of the many who enjoy salted caramel, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or chocolate-covered pretzels, then you know you appreciate dynamic flavors. 

That's why you should give hot honey a try, as it's another flavor combination that just works. Hot honey can range in spice level, but it’s a great option for branching out to spicier foods. 

Perfectly Easy Seasoning

Do you ever feel exhausted or bored when cooking? With endless spices and seasonings, your counter or cabinet can become cluttered by all those jars. 

Sometimes, you want a go-to seasoning you can grab without any hesitation. Hot honey drizzle is the perfect option for those moments, as you can drizzle it on your vegetables, use it as a condiment, and put it on just about everything!

Loved by Nearly Everyone 

It's no secret why hot honey drizzle is taking over the world; nearly everyone loves this versatile, flavorful condiment. That's why you need to stock hot honey in your restaurant, bakery, or grocery store—rest assured, it will fly off the shelves! The best part is making your own special sauce is incredibly easy. 

Are you looking for bulk honey suppliers so you can make hot honey drizzle or would you like to buy it ready made? At Glorybee, we sell Alan T's hot honey and honey in pails, drums, or totes to suit all of your needs. When you choose us, you choose high-quality honey that is certified kosher, organic options, natural, and raw.