GloryBee Hires Farming Advocate and Product Innovator 
as Director of Procurement

GloryBee Natural Foods, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is excited to announce that Alex Puglia has joined its ranks as Director of Procurement. Puglia’s hire bolsters the company’s reliability in global procurement and keys up significant growth in product innovation and ingredient sourcing. GloryBee and Puglia are especially aligned in a shared passion for sustainable business practices and creating genuine relationships with sourcing partners that can last generations.

“I am so excited to have Alex join the team,” said President and Beekeeper, Alan Turanski. “GloryBee has been solidifying its place in the natural ingredients industry for decades, but Alex brings a sophisticated approach to sourcing that includes a real investment in the relationships we create with the farmers and industry players, as well as in the land we source from.”

Puglia’s experience in trading, sourcing, certification, quality assurance and all other aspects of purchasing and selling products all over the world will continue to build GloryBee’s supply chain strength; the company currently conducts business in more than 30 countries worldwide.

“I’m excited to join the team at GloryBee because our passions are perfectly aligned,” said Puglia. “I’ve spent the past 20 years channeling my energies and integrating them into my professional life. Together, we will pursue new ways to innovate the supply chain. We must carefully consider the entire cycle we effect – the organics, agriculture, farmers’ livability and returning dignity to our practices. If we apply these larger goals to our own growth, we can only do great things.”

Mr. Puglia holds multiple degrees including a master’s in psychology, an MBA in International Business, and a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting. Mr. Puglia is fluent in three languages and brings significant food and beverage experience as well as import/export expertise, especially from his time with Global Organics, Grain Millers and Ciranda, Inc. 

GloryBee Hires Senior Director of Business Development to Expand Reach in Midwest and East Coast

GloryBee Natural Foods, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is excited to announce that Michael Spampinato has joined the team as the Senior Director of Business Development for the Midwest Eastern regions in the U.S. Spampinato has significant experience building top performing sales teams in the food and beverage industry both stateside and internationally.

“Mike has demonstrated growth in various food and beverage categories that bring a wealth of knowledge to GloryBee,” said Alan Turanski, President and Beekeeper at GloryBee. “We have been slowly expanding our reach throughout the US and Mike has established networks throughout the Midwest and East. He’s a great addition to our stellar Business Development team.”

GloryBee recently announced additional production capabilities located in Lima, OH, creating faster access to premium organic and non-GMO honey and other ingredients for customers located throughout the United States. As a leader in the honey packing industry with a history nearly 50 years in the making, GloryBee is excited to be expanding its reach to customers.

“This is the most compelling time to start working for a company like GloryBee,” said Spampinato. “I love joining a team when it’s hungry for growth, balanced with a sound business plan for expansion. GloryBee is investing significant capital and time in ensuring our top-quality products are reaching more customers across the U.S.”

Spampinato’s 20+ years in business development for the food and beverage space includes significant stints at Cargill, Pennant Foods, and other pharma and food and beverage companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications.

GloryBee Hires Manager of Environmental Stewardship

GloryBee Natural Foods, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is excited to announce the addition of Grant Martin, Environmental Stewardship Manager, to its team. Mr. Martin most recently managed Sustainability Assessment Services for the Global Electronics Council (GEC). Prior to joining GEC, Mr. Martin worked for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Solutions in both the private and public sectors within the building, construction, and electronic markets. His professional background additionally spans environmental analysis of manufacturing product Life Cycle Assessments, environmental auditing, regulatory compliance, sustainable material procurement, green design, pollution/climate change mitigation, and energy, water, and waste conservation best practices

“GloryBee has been committed to sustainability and stewarding our natural resources, especially pollinators, since the early days of our company when we recycled honey containers out of necessity,” said President and Beekeeper, Alan Turanski. “We’ve been invested in a positive legacy since before we became B Corp. certified and we’re excited that with Grant’s experience in environmental auditing, planning and regulatory compliance, we can further cement our position as a business of the future.”

Mr. Martin has both national and international work experience, an ideal fit for GloryBee which works both domestically and abroad to secure the highest quality, traceable, organic, and non-GMO ingredients for its customers.

“We’re really excited to continue to push ourselves to discover innovations in the honey and natural ingredients industry – whether that be production, packaging, distribution or waste minimization – while also ensuring we are protecting the resources we’ve been gifted with,” continued Turanski.

Mr. Martin holds a Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies/Organizational Communication as well as a Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate, all from the University of Montana. He is also an accredited LEED Green Associate from the United States Green Building Council. 

GloryBee Launches Ukraine Sunflower Honey to Raise Funds for Refugee Relief Effort on Ukrainian Independence Day

GloryBee Natural Foods, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, has launched a limited-time product, Ukraine Sunflower Honey, to help raise funds for non-profits serving the Ukrainian people. Partnering with Oregon and Washington specialty grocers, including Market of Choice (MOC), Ukraine honey will be available in all MOC locations in time for Ukraine Independence Day, August 24th. One hundred percent of GloryBee’s profits from the sale of this honey will be split between two non-profits working to provide food and health services to the Ukrainian people.

“We’ve been connected to Ukraine and its beekeepers for more than a decade,” said Alan Turanski, President and Beekeeper at GloryBee. “When the war began, we were devastated to find how quickly these communities we had come to know were being displaced and impacted and we knew we had to do something.”

Ukraine Sunflower Honey will be available at Market of Choice, Town & Country, and PCC Community Markets. Funds raised from the sale of this honey will be shared between World Central Kitchen and Medical Teams International, which is based just north of GloryBee in Portland, OR.

“Medical Teams’ staff are working diligently to provide much-needed medical care and mental health support to Ukrainian refugees and to those in need within the country,” said Martha Newsome, President & CEO of Medical Teams International. “We are so thankful that funds from GloryBee’s new Ukraine Sunflower Honey will help support this critical, ongoing work.”

World Central Kitchen, the brainchild of famous Spanish chef, José Andrés, has been mobilizing and working with restaurants and chefs around the world since the early onset of the war to provide food to refugees and people displaced by the war in Ukraine. Follow this organization’s work here.

GloryBee developed a Ukraine honey product because it sources a significant amount of sunflower honey from Ukraine each year and could quickly mobilize a Ukraine-specific offering.

“Ukraine sunflower honey is bright and rich in color,” continued Turanski. “This honey is really versatile and I think people will love it. It is also TrueSource Certified which is really important to GloryBee because it supports our commitment to honey purity and traceability.”

“We’re honored to be asked to participate in this effort to support organizations making a difference in Ukraine. There is nothing as sweet as supporting our communities near and far. Thank you to GloryBee for their work bringing this honey to our stores,” said Wes Beamer, Corporate Natural Foods Buyer / Sales Manager at Market of Choice.

GloryBee, Expert in Honey and Natural Food Ingredients, Expands Operation

GloryBee, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is expanding. Building upon previous investments in infrastructure, production, and distribution, GloryBee will double its production capacity in Eugene moving from its current location on Seneca Rd. to a 78,000 SF space on Irving Rd., formerly inhabited by PakTech.

“GloryBee has been expanding its operations these past few years and this move is a strategic step to invest further in R&D and production capabilities,” said Alan Turanski, President and 2nd generation beekeeper at GloryBee. “This new location provides the opportunity to create a custom build-out of production equipment to really up-scale our process and further innovate in the world of honey. We’re excited to position GloryBee for significant growth and development for years to come.”

GloryBee’s move from Seneca to Irving Rd. will grow production capability from 20 million to 50 million pounds of honey annually. Facilities in the Midwest, established earlier this summer, further expanded GloryBee’s footprint across the US providing production and access to product in the Midwest and East coast.

“We’re so pleased to continue to invest in the community where we got started,” said Turanski. “Lane County and our Eugene location have proven to have great proximity to rail, trucking routes, and to provide centralized access to Washington and California.”

GloryBee will officially move into its new space on Irving Road in January of 2023.

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Why We like Natural Sweeteners Better Than Artificial

When you sweeten a cup of coffee or tea, you want to do so in as healthy a way as possible. However, with the vast majority of artificial sweeteners promising health benefits over more natural options, it’s easy to confuse the healthiest choice. These are some points that help explain why natural sweeteners are better than artificial ones.

Artificial Can Make You Crave More

Some artificial sweeteners obtain their flavor profile through a mixture of chemicals while offering little to no nutritional benefits. With this in mind, artificial sweeteners tend to be sweeter in lower concentrations than sugar but can be provided in the same amount in individual packets. This results in people who consume artificial sweeteners perceiving foods sweetened with natural sugars as less sweet, sometimes causing them to sweeten it further. 

Natural Sweeteners Don’t Use Chemicals

Natural sweeteners are exactly as they sound—natural. Because of this, any substance in a natural sweetener is a result of the processes of nature coming together to create it. With that in mind, companies that buy bulk honey or other natural sweeteners can often claim slight nutritional benefits.

Easier To Metabolize Natural Sweeteners

Since natural sweeteners are not unnaturally created via chemical mixtures, it can be easier for your body to digest and incorporate them into its usual functions. Some even claim that artificial sweeteners run the risk of unnaturally interacting with your body in unpredictable ways.

Keeping your body healthy is best done by consuming natural foods that do not result from artificial processes. By considering why natural sweeteners are better than artificial ones, you can make better choices for your health. Hopefully, better and healthier wellbeing awaits you as you carefully select the ingredients you use in your foods and drinks.

Which Dry Foods Have the Longest Shelf Life?

The greatest benefit to certain dry foods is their ability to last for long periods of time when stored properly. This comes in handy for a number of reasons, including having a long-lasting inventory to sell or emergency rations in case of a crisis. Regardless of your needs, here are a few types of dry foods that have the longest shelf life.

White Rice

White rice is one of the best fillers for any meal. With that in mind, it is best to store this grain at lower temperatures or with oxygen absorbers. When done properly, uncooked white rice is capable of lasting anywhere from 2 to 10 years. The shelf life highly depends on the area it is in, but typically, it takes a while for this food to spoil on its own.


Similar to rice, pasta lasts a long time when stored in a sealed container. It is good to know that uncooked pasta does not really expire per se, but it loses quality once it gets close to two years of storage. Wholesale food suppliers are sure to have an easy time selling or holding on to pasta because it doesn’t require much maintenance besides making sure the container is sealed. 


While it still lasts a long time, flour does not have the longevity of hard grains and foods. An unopened bag of flour can last upward of 10 years when stored with oxygen absorbers. However, if not stored in airtight containers or if already opened, flour lasts anywhere from three to eight months. 

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydrated foods have a surprisingly long shelf life. While it depends on the type of food and storage methods used, dehydrated foods are capable of lasting around 10 to 30 years or more. However, it is important to ensure that the fruits or vegetables are completely dehydrated. Otherwise, their shelf life dwindles down to between four months to a year.

Having a good inventory of dry foods to sell is a great way to avoid having to keep an eye on their quality given their natural longevity. While these items cannot always be eaten out of the box, it doesn’t take long to prepare them. Hopefully, by considering a few of these dry foods that have the longest shelf life, you will have an easier time stocking up for your next busy season or getting ready for an emergency. 

Fighting Food Fraud in the Honey Industry Podcast

GloryBee's President & Beekeeper Alan Turanski welcomes our first guest on Straight from the Hive, Julie Willoughby, GloryBee's Quality Assurance Manager.

Alan and Julie discuss food fraud in the honey industry and how GloryBee has been fighting this long before the FDA required it and the steps GloryBee takes to ensure quality honey. They also discussed highlights from Julie's visit to Thailand and Vietnam with GloryBee's Founder, Dick Turanski, why she is interested in working with bees and honey, and of course, her favorite type of honey!